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Series FORZA

Size:       860 х 2040

960 х 2060

860 х 2100

960 х 2100

860 х 2200

960 х 2200

Thickness of metal of door leaf: 0.8 mm

Thickness of metal of frame: 0.8 mm

Additional 0.8 mm protective plates on the inner side of both locks

Inner reinforcement spars of metal construction: 4 pcs

Width of door leaf: 66 mm

Depth of door frame: 98 mm

Leaf/ frame filling: mineral wool

External/internal finishing: 8 mm MDF panel, laminated with PVC film

Hinges: metal with ball bearing, 2 pcs

Fixed deadbolts on the hinge side: 2 pcs

Gasket: 2 circuits

Main lock: cylinder type Apecs 2800 in a set with a cylinder with 5 keys

Additional lock: double-bitted mortise lock Avers with 5 keys.

Hardware is included

No metal casing on the frame - possible to install inside of the door aperture

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