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Door series are the doors for essential use only (for cabins, outbuildings etc.)

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The “Nord” door series will guarantee you a “premium” class reliability. Your home is protected from the cold and unwanted guests for years to come.

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Safety and reliability guaranteed by the following facts:

  • Two reliable locks included (double-bitted mortise lock and cylinder lock);
  • Two metal sheets of 1.5 mm thick;
  • The frame which is made of cold rolled sheet steel of  2 mm thick.

Thermal insulation and soundproofing:

Use of rock wool filling in the frame and mineral wool in the leaf in combination with the use of innovative technology (thermorupture) are guaranteed to protect your house from freezing in very low temperature conditions.


This door series has a variety of options of cutting-edge designs in a Scandinavian style. Your door will maintain a perfect appearance for years to come thanks to the metal coating on polymer paint which is applied on top of a soil based polymer. These doors are recommended for use in extreme weather conditions.